IT Services, With a Smile   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

With 25 years experince in Consulting , supervision and implementation of IT Projects , in variuse fields like Programming , Database , Training , and Managing and Maintenance , our Gole is to take you to the next level of success , with ease and a Smile ;)

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we can help you to make technology purchases or strategy deccision and resolve technology challanges. in one word , we work with our clients to help them solve IT Problems. any thing from computer repair , passive network problems to backup strategy , disaster recovery and cybersecurity , we can help you to make the best decision.

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Remote Monitoring & Management to keep your business running smoothly. weekly on-site visit to making sure the technology room is running efficiently and your employees have no tech problems. check your Structured Data Cabling when you plan until you use it

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Remote Support

for your in-house or remote access employees , we have a team available to assist remotely. we can take care of your server healt , storage , memmory and bandwith , report any problem with the solution back to you . When our customers are successful, we are successful.

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If You or Your Company need skills required to perform the IT tasks and processes , count on us , With 25 Years of experince as IT Expert we can be a private instructor for your needs.

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You need a custom software to fullfill your special needs ? you Want a software that design specially and based on your analyzes ? we can design and programm your custom-built software which you wish for.

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wanna know howmany request per second your website or rest-api will answer befor crash ? you want to know how much traffic and session your service can tolerate befor brake-down ? we can execute Stress and Load test on your endpoint and give you a report which tell you howmany request you can accept and howmuch CPU/RAM/DISK/BANWIDTH you consume to answer the load.

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